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About Dandeli and Dandeli wildlife sanctuary

Dandeli which is in picturesque location is one of the dream destination for holidays. The serene surroundings of the forest areas and the lakes, waterfalls and the river flowing down, is captivating. The initial impression is breathtaking as the greenery all around is in itself very satisfying. Many people want to visit this place for the exotic combination of wildlife, adventure and sightseeing. The city is located in utter kannada district of Karnataka India.

Dandeli is believed to be the mythical 'Dandakaranya' referred to in the Mahabharata. The forest in Dandeli is moist deciduous and semi-evergreen type and has a vast cover of bamboo. It is said that the name Dandakaranya was derived from the word Dandvalli which means green bamboo. Dandeli is spread around the Kali River in the forests of the Western Ghats, 481 km away from the state capital of Bangalore.

Dandeli Dandeli

Places of accommodation are in forms of Dandeli Resorts, Dandeli homestays and riverside camps would be there. People would feel actually indulged and merged in nature along with having necessary and even luxurious living by many counts. You can book this resorts in dandeli easily though internet. All pains taken at starting point of the planning would be rewarded in complete relaxation at the execution time of the plan.

Dandeli has got the second largest wildlife sanctuary in Karnataka and was designated a tiger reserve in the year 2007. Animal lovers and wildlife buffs will want to stay in Dandeli forever since the Dandeli Wildlife Sanctuary offers them with many rare species of animals like elephant, tiger, leopard, gaur, flying squirrel, mouse deer, slender loris along with a variety of species of birds like magpie robin, golden-backed woodpecker, crested serpent-eagle etc. The black panther, which is an almost extinct species is found in the Dandeli wildlife sanctuary.

Dandeli has many other irresistible attractions like trekking, cycling and mountain biking. Dandeli which is on the banks of the River Kali with a beautiful backdrop of the Western Ghats is growing in stature as a leading tourist destination and also has two major hydro-electric power stations, one at Ambikanagar, called Nagjhari Power Station, and the other at Ganeshgudi known as the Supa Power Station which are together known as the Kali Hydel project.

A walk through the forest, boating, bird watching and angling can also be done in the sanctuary. The other nearby tourist spots in Dandeli is Ulavi temple, Syntheri Rocks, Anashi National Park and Moulangi. An exciting trek through the dense forest leads to Kavala caves. These caves are revered as the abode of Lord Shiva. All these spot are in Dandeli wildlife sanctuary.
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