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Adventure Activities in Dandeli

Dandeli is a town in the Uttar Kannada district which is in the northern side of the Karnataka stateis famously know for its adventure activities. It is a mix of all the activities were you can enjoy all kinds of activities like wildlife activities, water sports activities and sight seeing activity.

  * River Rafting  

White river rafting in the Kali river at Dandeli is one of the thrilling adventures activity you can enjoy in dandeli. Mother Kali is more supportive in this regard providing good number of rapids to give a tough task for the rafters. White water rafting in Dandeli takes place to the stretch of 8 - 12 kms along the kali river wherever you stay in This activity just depends on water level of the river and the management of resorts arrange this activity.

  * Kayaking  

Kayaking is done in long boat called kayak. You have the sail all along in it and get a chance of visiting small islands. A watch will be kept on your movements and if you are in need of some help immediate help will be provided.

  * Jacuzzi Bath  

Jacuzzi bath is an activity wherein water with a great force in the rapids fall on the body giving a natural healing therapy. This is available only in some places where rivers and rapid are present.ou are taken to that particular  spot in a boat or a coracle and allowed to sit any length of time till you are shifted and relaxed. It is one of the natural activity you can enjoy in river water.

  * Jungle Safari  

Jungle safari is done in an open jeep conducted my forest department office with trained guides. You are taken to the forest in jeep in thick forest were you have a chance of spotting some wild animals and birds. Some times you can spot some endangered species of animals like big cats and hurbivorous animals which depends on your luck.

  * Jungle Trekking  

Usually this takes place early in the morning which is really good for your health and you are twice change chanced of getting fresh air to fill your lungs and other is you learn more from nature by being closer to it. Sometimes you can spot some rare species of animals, reptiles and birds if you r lucky in morning.

  * Bird Watching  

Bird watching is usually done early in the morning which is suitable time for spotting birds which come out in search of food. One need good patience in this activity for keen observation of birds.here are about 400 species of birds. In short it is a birding paradise. For the bird watcher it is ultimate a heaven.

  * Night Camping  

This is a natural activity which is done in an open area. You can experience the touch of exotica and have the glimpses of the night atmosphere of the forests night out camps are arranged in the jungle where food are served hot and delicious sitting around a camp fire or dancing around it is a great experience.

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