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Dandeli which is in Uttarkannada district is one of the dream destinations for travel and tour. Many people want to visit this place for the exotic combination of wildlife, adventure and sightseeing. The city is located in uttar kannada district of Karnataka India. Make sure to travel during off seasons because the price rate will be low and could be easily affordable. The travelers of different parts of the state flock to this city to have a glimpse of wildlife and adventure activities. White river rafting is one of the thrilling activities which you should try definitely when you visit to dandeli. You can see some of the good sightseeing place around dandeli which are famous for its unchanged beauty.

Dandeli tourism is growing day by day and more and more tourists from around the country are found at this place. It is one of the leading wealth generating cities of the Karnataka when it comes to tourism. It is better to have Dandeli trip after consulting some genuine travel companies. They will offer you some exclusive Dandeli tour packages. You will really remember this tour throughout your life.

Dandeli Camp Dandeli Camp
When it comes to seeing the exotic destinations in Karnataka, dandeli is the front runner because you can find the combine mixed of wildlife and adventure. This city has a rich influence of a strong historical background. There are some magnificent temple in dandeli and around this place. If you are really interested in having a visit to Dandeli, the first thing to do is to study the dandeli map in detail.

Dandeli city is famously known for its wildlife sanctuary which is one of the largest in Karnataka adjoining Anshi national park which is a tiger reserve. The park is also home to hundreds of birds and if you're here in summer, you could tick off hundreds of birds, many of them found in or around your place were you stay.

Travelers who are visiting this place for first-time or a seasoned comer, then you would enjoy this place with fun and adventure. Some of the rare species of birds, reptiles and animals can be found in this wildlife sanctuary. The wildlife found here are tiger, elephant, bison, black panther, wild dogs, barking deer, languor and birds like great hornbill, king fishers, peacock, wood packer etc and many more.

When you are staying close to river or lake, listen to the sound of birds and wildlife at night like owl flying bats and insects. The good chance is to stay at river side resorts like Bison river resort, Hornbill river resort and kali adventure camp. The resorts in dandeli are well situated in forest area away from the busy city life. You can be a lover of nature. You can visit these sanctuaries and explore the beautiful things of nature and wildlife.

Dandeli which is in uttarkannada district is located in beautiful state of karnataka and covers a massive area of 5729.07 sq. kms. It is well connected to all the major cities of karnataka. Dandeli could be reached by Bus from Hubli, which is 80 km away from this place. Hubli could be reached by Train as well as Air travel. From there on one has to be on road to reach Dandeli. One could alternatively come down to Londa, Alnavar and Dharwar by Train and then take road to Dandeli. Reaching Dandeli resorts would not be a problem if you have done your homework well.

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